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Shaping Brands

We work with companies to share their story through impactful, meaningful design.

But what sets us apart is our team. designdough isn’t just about one person, every team member has a voice and is a stakeholder in the business. We’re all equally as passionate about our culture, our clients and delivering the best outcomes possible.

Saying that, we weren’t always a team. designdough had humble beginnings…

*cue emotional music*

It was 2006, the credit crunch was looming, there was a lack of design jobs and Joe, with only £800 in savings, had just signed for a mortgage. Sat in his pants next to the PC in his back bedroom, he knew it was make or break time. He (now clothed) started spending every waking moment walking the streets of Cardiff to get his name out. Slowly but surely, his relentless efforts paid off and the work started to trickle in. The rest is history…


Our Culture

We’ve always been super proud of our culture and attitude towards projects. We’re all unique in our own way, but we live and breathe the same values.

Meet Our Epic Team

Joe Brown - designdough

Joe Brown

Grand fromage

James Rothwell - designdough

James Rothwell

Creative Director

Abi Trotman - designdough

Abi Trotman

Studio Manager

Emily Davies

Emily Davies

Brand Marketer & Copywriter

Alice Lediard - designdough

Alice Lediard

Senior Designer

Ezra Hames - designdough

Ezra Hames

Senior Digital Designer

Chelsie Owen-Burke - designdough

Chelsie Owen-Burke

Junior Designer

Sam Pulman

Sam Pulman

Lead Full-Stack Developer

Gareth Jones - designdough

Gareth Jones

Web Developer


We post current vacancies on our blog & social media. But every so often, someone approaches us off the cuff…

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