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A man in a designer outfit stands relaxed in an art gallery filled with paintings and decor, looking out a doorway. Another person is partly visible in the foreground, out of focus.


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At a glance

  • 17 years in business
  • 1000+ projects completed
  • 11 team members



Everyone’s opinions matter at designdough. We work in a natural and open way that allows brand and digital designers to be connected at all times.


Our process is fluid, allowing iterations in our method to adapt to each client’s needs. We love asking questions and openly listening to feedback throughout the process of ideating, defining and designing a brand.

Every project is unique and important, no matter the scope. We pay attention to detail, no matter how small.

Our team is driven by an unwavering passion for our craft, respect for the trust our clients place in our experience, and an earnest belief in the transformative power of design.

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Meet the gang that makes it all happen.

For us, having people around you — supporting you and rooting for you — is where it’s at. That’s why team is so important to us, and we’re particularly chuffed about our one.

Introducing the designdough leaders, graphic designers, web developers, content writers and brand strategists.

Peek inside

Shots from the studio

A dark wall adorned with various framed artworks featuring graphic design and symbols, alongside a potted plant on a shelf beneath the frames.
A modern indoor shelf displaying various design books, a large digital clock showing the date and time, and an indoor plant on the left. Emphasizing a minimalist aesthetic, the setup mirrors the brand design
Espresso machine pouring coffee into a brand-designed black cup, held by a hand with red nail polish, with visible steam and creamy froth forming.
A cozy reading nook with a black sofa, patterned throw blanket, beige pillows, and a stack of books on a wicker table from Design Agency Bristol, set against a green leafy wallpaper
A cozy reading nook with a black sofa, wooden chairs, and a round chipboard table featuring a book on website design with a person on the cover, all reflected in a large circular mirror.


Enough chat, let's see the work

A smartphone displaying a corporate website designed by a top web design agency, with the phrase
Orange text reading
A smartphone lying on a dark textured surface displaying the homepage of the

Tiger Aspect

A new look for a British television goliath.


Afanti Media

Breaking new ground and pushing boundaries