About Us

Born from the looming credit crunch and lack of jobs, Joe, with only £800 in savings and having just signed for a mortgage, knew it was make or break time…

designdough had humble beginnings, starting in director Joe’s back bedroom; just him in his pants and his PC, as he couldn’t afford a Mac back then! He quickly found clothes and spent all his time walking the streets in order to get his name out there and eventually the work started to trickle in – albeit spurred on by relentless 16-hour days and 7-day weeks.

Soon the business started to grow and along with employing more team members, the studio space evolved from a small room in West Bute Street, to a swanky but corporate split floor space in The Maltings, to eventually where we base ourselves today: an open plan studio in Mount Stuart House, Cardiff Bay that beautifully represents us and our brand culture.

With an ever growing team, designdough is a creative design agency focused on using the right people for the project. With specialist designers and developers, strategists and marketeers, we work with clients large and small to create and shape successful brands.

Shaping Brands


Meet the Team

Joe Brown

Le Grand Fromage

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Work hard &
be nice to people…

“There are lots of ways to run a business but this way works for us. We’ve grown organically, when we’ve needed to. The business is going from strength to strength based on the solid foundation we’ve laid over the last eleven years. We’re now able to take it in a direction that I’d only dreamed possible. The team’s ambition and mine has grown with the business, and continues to grow. The next few years call for more team members, and working with more fantastic clients in an industry we love – we can’t wait”

Joe Brown

James Rothwell

Head of Creative

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Alice Lediard

Senior Designer

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Ezra Hames


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Abi Trotman

Brand & Marketing Strategist

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Our Family

We pride ourselves on our team ethic, culture and our fully rounded approach to our projects. designdough isn’t about just one person, every team member has a voice and is a stakeholder in the business, so we are all as equally passionate about our clients, projects and delivering the best outcomes possible.

Sam Pulman

Junior Web Developer

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Want to join
our Team?

We advertise all our current vacancies on our blog, local job boards and social media, but every so often, someone will approach us off the cuff and utterly impress us with their new way of thinking. Do you think you could be that next person? We triple, donkey-dare you to wow us (hint: an emailed CV, cover letter and PDF version of your portfolio won’t cut it)


Emily Davies

Brand Marketer and Copywriter

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