The Competition


Brand Labs 2018

Designdough was started from a small back bedroom in Grangetown with just hopes, dreams and a relentless need for ‘something’ better to power it. We get it; starting your own business is hard, and seriously, we admire you for putting yourself out there and sculpting your own path to success – whatever shape success may take.

We’ve been there, done it, got the t-shirt, a few war wounds and shed quite a few tears in the process of making designdough work, so we want to help. We know that starting a business is made all the more difficult if you’ve not got the right tools to navigate those choppy marketing waters – as designers, were equipped with those tools from the start so we count ourselves lucky in that respect, but not everyone has the resources or funding available to arm them with a kick-ass brand and strategy to set sail with.

This is why we launched Brand Labs back in 2017 and are running it again this year; to give start-ups (like yours) a leg up with a beautifully designed and considered brand and website to help you present your amazing ideas with even more clout.

We’re not doing this for any grandiose, God-complex reason, but because we’ve been there and know that with a little encouragement or a push in the right direction, any business can be a success. We do this every day with our clients and so thought it was time to give a little something back to the Welsh economy that we’ve grown from…plus, we LIVE FOR creating amazing brands so we want to hand pick a truly incredible business to support with a really stunning brand and website package. The thought of this alone gets us SUPER EXCITED.

Sound good to you? Here's how to apply:


A few provisos to have in mind when applying:


You’ll have to trust us as an agency to make THE BEST decisions for your brand, as you’ll be giving up a lot of creative control. This WILL be a collaborative process, so please don’t apply if you know you’re going to be uber controlling and want everything done your way or the highway. We understand that your business is your baby, but in order to get the most out of our design team, you need to have confidence in us.

We want to see that you’ve got a clear vision for your business, or at least a sense of what you like and don’t like in a brand

We want to work with people who are flexible and collaborative – in order to get the best result possible, we need you to engage and work with us. Be ready to lay all the information out on the table for us so we can help you build a visual identity that represents you wholeheartedly.

We see Brand Labs as a process, and once your brand is signed off, we don’t want you to disappear. We want to support you further by staying in touch and providing strategy and guidance when needed – we want to see you succeed!

We want to be able to share the progress of Brand Labs with our followers, so we need you to agree to be photographed and/or interviewed as and when needed.


So in order to win this badass prize, we need to see, hear and feel your passion and ambition for your business oozing from your application. Tell us what keeps you up at night; how many times you’ve wanted to throw the towel in to only realise that you can’t see yourself doing anything but this for the rest of your life; SELL IT TO US.


We’ll then pick a shortlist of our favourite applications and will invite those businesses in to present to us why they should win. This presentation can take any form (Interpretive dance? Aerial display? Cake???), but it needs to communicate to us why you’ve got what it takes to go all the way, and what you could do with a quality, thought-provoking brand.


The Application


The Application

Applications for Brand Labs 2018 have now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered – we’ll be in touch very soon!

Until next year…