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What is Brand Labs?

Every year, we share our collective knowledge and expertise to help one Welsh startup build the brand they dreamed of, no strings attached.


We are eager to push the button on our sixth, annual Brand Labs competition; ready to partner with the winner on an exhilarating journey, to push the boundaries and propel their startup to new heights.

Brand Labs is your opportunity to unleash your full potential and make a lasting impact on the business landscape of our incredible nation. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey of discovery, innovation, and collaboration as we join forces to help shape the future of Wales

“A powerful brand sets the stage for a future of limitless possibilities”

Sarah Centrella
Author and Motivational Speaker

Framed artwork on a dark wall, including a large yellow smiley face and a piece titled
A cozy corner featuring a black wall adorned with two framed posters—one of minimalist design and another with the slogan
An antique bellows camera with its lens extended, designed by a renowned design agency, is placed on a wooden shelf. The camera is positioned on its side showing detailed features including the lens and aperture controls
A stylish office space featuring a framed abstract art print hanging on a wall, a wooden desk and stool in a glass-paneled room, designed by a leading Design Agency Wales, with neon light accents.
A green potted plant in the foreground with a large wall calendar showing the date Tuesday, May 24, 2022, blurred in the background in a bright room designed by a Brand Design Agency

The prize

Not just a competition; it's a transformative experience.

It’s designed to challenge, empower, and propel you towards your ambitions. Our experienced team is ready to deep dive into your business, unravel its unique DNA, and deliver a game-changing brand, strategy and website that resonates with your audience on a profound level.

Brand Labs goes beyond the tangibles. We offer our winners mentorship, support and guidance. The time and space to think clearly, and work creatively. We are invested in your definition of success. We are all in.


This year, the prize is worth more than £20,000. What are you waiting for?


Who should apply?

Any Welsh startup, whether product-based, service-led, a grassroots charity or social enterprise is encouraged to apply, as long as they:


• Are based in Wales
• Were launched within the last 3 years
• Are up and running

We are looking for a breakthrough brand. A conscious company, who meets the collective needs of today and tomorrow’s world. One who is helping to alter the landscape, deliver equity, encourage inclusion or address a problem (be it hyper-local, or global). If you have the courage to dream big, and the tenacity to overcome challenges, we want to hear from you.


Applications for Brand Labs 2024 will be opening later this year. Watch this space!