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Text on a dark blue background reads
Abstract geometric background in blue, green, and pink with the text
Three female students walking and talking together in a school hallway, carrying books and a tablet branded by a top Design Agency UK, smiling and engaged in conversation.

Wrexham University

Be part of Something special

A person holds a smartphone displaying a news article about cryptocurrency. The screen shows text and a graph under the headline
Media Cymru - Magazine cover
Media Cymru - Logo block

Media Cymru

Leading media innovation in Wales

A close-up of a man wearing a blue jacket and striped shirt with a tremorfa lanyard, standing by an escalator. The image includes text on the right reading
A tablet displaying a website design with a page about construction safety protocols, set on a white table partially cast in shadow.
An outdoor billboard for Tremorfa designed by Brand Agency Cardiff, featuring an electrician working on electrical panels, accompanied by text promoting innovative solutions to complex building electrical problems.


Recalibrate a welsh brand

Joe's Ice Cream - Packaging Design - Group - Icy
Joe's Ice Cream - Packaging Design - Group - Drawer
Joe's Ice Cream - Packaging Design - Group - Hero Ice cream shot

Joe’s Ice Cream

100 years of ice cream making.


Creating Connections

We tell compelling stories through design, creating meaningful connections and transforming brands

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A man with a plaid shirt and sleeve tattoos smiling and putting on headphones in a Brand Agency UK office setting.
A cheerful woman with glasses and a headband smiles as she works on brand design services at a table near a window. Light filters into the room, enhancing the warmth and charm of the scene.
Two women sharing a joyful moment at a design agency in Bristol, one with a bright smile looking at a laptop, the other partially visible and laughing.
Two men, one with a beard, work at computers in a brightly lit office environment at a Web Agency in Bristol, smiling and engaging with their tasks.
A man in a black shirt smiles while looking away from the camera, sitting in a well-lit room with blurred foreground of green plants and background of white walls. He is an employee at a Brand