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Different music for different tasks…

In the studio we always play music, usually loudly. There are times however, when someone makes a request to change the music or when someone will pop on their headphones. At first I questioned my choice of music, but I realised that actually it’s more than likely to do with the type of task the individual is doing.

I know that if I am doing repetitive tasks such as saving imagery or dropping copy into websites I will listen to something with a lot of words and something familiar because it is encouraging and moves the task along.

If I am doing a task that requires a considerable amount of concentration, new ideas and general brain input, I need something that will not distract me from that. Calming sounds, minimal and repetitive feels like you almost make up time, you’re not going anywhere fast, making you feel like you have more time to complete something.

In short: For me, music with familiarity and lyrics is best for focus when undertaking routine tasks. Creative and idea generative tasks, I need minimal not to distract my poor little brain.

Our Favourite Playlist for Menial Tasks (e.g. Morning email checking)