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Mike Donovan, Founder & CEO

Coming into this initially I didn’t know exactly what I wanted – I just knew that our ‘brand’ was more than just our logo and colour palette. The single most valuable aspect of working alongside Joe & the team at DD was the fact that they spent a great deal of time focussing on, and working with us to articulate what we wanted our business to be and, most importantly, our ‘Why’.

Universally, our ‘Brand’ has been the one consistent area where people/businesses/customers/marketeers/advertisers/and even the competition, have complimented us on. As a start-up it can sometimes be difficult to exude credibility without a proven track record however without doubt our brand has given us an edge and allowed us to punch above our weight – we often have people openly express shock when they find out we are not 2-3 years old!

Put a Smile on Your Face

No doubt that when watching tv or a film from around the globe, you will have been confronted with a joke about the perception of the UK’s dental hygiene, or lack of as the case may be. The UK has become infamous for its poor oral health practices and if you look at the facts, it’s easy to see why…

  • Over 80% of the adult population have at least 1 filling and over 74% have had a tooth extracted.
  • 66% of adults have visible plaque.
  • 31% of adults have tooth decay and 29% suffer from regular dental pain.
  • Almost half of UK adults have a fear of the dentist, and yet 88% of us have no dental insurance with 63% of us using NHS dentists rather than private due to cost.
  • The UK’s annual spend on dental treatments: £5.8 billion.

Delivering Beautiful, Healthy Smiles Straight to your door

Having noticed this distinct issue, Mike Donovan, an Associate Director at Deloitte, had a vision to set up the UK’s first oral health subscription box service that would provide affordable, convenient and quality designed oral care products straight to the subscribers door.

Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 2-3 months or as soon as the bristles have frayed, and so Brushbox steps in every two months with a brand new toothbrush, tooth paste, floss and a tongue cleaner, so you don’t even have to THINK about buying a new one.

When Mike first visited us in the studio, he had a distinct vision for not only providing this service, but ultimately changing the UK’s habits surrounding oral hygiene – not an easy task in the slightest and so he needed a suitable brand, strategy and range of packaging in order to carry his exceptional tone of voice and message so he could wow investors and new customers alike.

One key point in the inception of the Brushbox brand was that it shouldn’t come across as corporate, clinical, preachy and pretentious or ‘hipster chic’; weighing more on the side of ‘gimmick’ than helpful lifestyle solution.

Beautiful, Functional and Effective

“There is absolutely no reason why a love of quality and craftsmanship should end at the products found in the bathroom. Why not take as much care and attention over your oral health, as you do with say, your optical health? Just because a toothbrush is kept behind closed doors, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be of the best possible quality and design.” – Brushbox

The Brushbox logo features a customized sans serif typeface, simplifying the letterforms and turning the B into an iconic symbol that can be used on its own as the brand becomes more established. A lot of the brand aesthetic comes from a clever use of colour and clean textures; taking inspiration from beauty brands and popular influencer social media photography, the brand’s accompanying imagery is fresh, uncluttered, contemporary, stylish and most importantly, aspirational. This brand succeeds in turning an unsexy topic (i.e. brushing your teeth!) into something desirable, fun and attainable.

One primary and four secondary colour palettes were designed to give Brushbox a wealth of bright backdrops to choose from whilst keeping the overall feel cohesive. Subtle gradients were also added to add a restrained ‘signature’ to chosen photography and strict guidelines were given to photographic direction; the key here was to keep imagery ‘lifestyle’ orientated, not clinical.

As this is a subscription service, a range of branded packaging and mailers were also designed in a multitude of sizes, patterns and colours to suit the subscriber. Brightly coloured and eye-catching, the point with the packaging was to instil a sense of excitement in the subscriber every two months when their box arrived through their post box, thus promoting and reinforcing a healthy and beneficial habit.

Authentic. Relatable. Innovative. Stylish.

Brushbox appeals to a young, health-savvy audience and is attractive enough to be picked up by influencers and beauty bloggers; a key aim in the company’s marketing plan. Since it’s launch in January 2018, Brushbox has gone from strength to strength, being featured in media and winning £245,000 in investment funding for initial working capital and marketing, new product development, and strategic growth.

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