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When we first met Office Image (as they were then known) they were ready to push their services and focus into the future; aligning style with service and considered, thoughtful design with efficient communication. Their team had grown in size, experience and skillset and they were ready to push their brand and culture into the future. They needed definition and a consolidation of their collective mindsets in order to pave the way for success.

Through experience, Office Image had prided themselves on not only delivering quality materials and processes, but also challenging and redefining the thought surrounding what a workspace can be and how it should be used, yet their brand image and name didn’t match up to the ambitious and progressive business that they knew they really were.


Office Image took the brave step to rename, and after 16 years in business, this wasn’t an easy task. Ultimately, the brand name was holding back an incredible company. Office Image was too descriptive, didn’t inspire, was too safe and although as a company was renowned for its quality of service, wasn’t iconic enough to make real waves within its industry.

Together, through a thorough brand workshop, we meticulously mapped out everything from the company’s elevator pitch to their competition and market analysis. Tricky questions were posed and their thinking was challenged in order to pick apart the current brand from the ground up. After weeks of research and modification, the name IMIUM was pitched, and the brand began to unfold from there. A Brand Strategy was honed in close collaboration with Imium in order to give them a working document to move forward with, and statements and taglines were written to fully encompass that strategy but also work flawlessly within marketing copy.


Choosing an abstract word meant that the brand name became more than just a signifier, it became a concept with limitless possibilities that is able to inspire employees and clients alike whilst sparking curiosity in prospective clients. With this name change, the business remains renowned for its service, but will become iconic for its name and values.




“At the heart of our business lies a culture; a culture that had growth organically but needed defining and strengthening for the future. This is why Imium was born; to act as a beacon for our ambition, to signify a refreshed vision, and to celebrate our years of successful business. All we have learnt over the years has been wrapped into our new brand – it was only right that our outside matched our inside; a rich culture that champions progression, growth and success.”




To launch the Imium rebrand to the public, it was important to slowly, simply and visually introduce the reason for change. Any question or doubt over why the company had rebranded may cause confusion, isolation and negativity and so it was important to factor a structured and strategic message, with an appropriate tone of voice, into the brand launch.


With this in mind, a launch strategy was proposed that relied heavily on simple story-telling and introducing Imium’s new brand strategy, vision and values in as simple and visual a way as possible. This was launched periodically and in part, over the course of 2 weeks, picking keywords from the story and feeding them to the public, bit-by-bit, adding to an overall rebrand story i.e. Imium’s brand vision. This was about evolution and growth; a positive step forward for a company with progression at its heart.


“After over a decade of trading as Office Image, we’ve made the decision to push our product and focus into the future building on the trust we’ve inspired in our clients, pushing our expertise further and reinforcing ourselves as the established and strong brand we are. To mark a progressive new chapter in our business, we are aligning our style with our service; thoughtful design with efficient communication. Our name and image are changing to reflect how our vision has grown and we have evolved. Let’s challenge and redefine the thought surrounding what a space can be, and how it should be used.”


We are Imium.
Designed. Developed. Delivered.



The website was designed with portfolios and case studies as the main focus; the highly impressive photographic depictions of Imium’s work would run front and centre and would be subtly supported by the brand through colour and type. After All, the work speaks for itself. Elegant rollover motion graphics and subtle animations on the loading page add to a slick and contemporary feel, but ultimately, this website isn’t about bells and whistles, instead the emphasis was put on simplicity and quality; easy navigation, concise copy layouts and striking imagery all merging to represent a refreshed brand with the confidence, expertise and passion to fully support its clients to inspire and grow their own businesses through the considered crafting of their environments.


The brand launched on 10th July acting as a line in the sand for the company and along with it came a raft of exciting brand collateral and merchandise in order to allow the team to effectively spread the ‘Imium’ word. A new brochure, custom postage and presentation items, beautifully foiled business cards, vehicle livery and embossed moleskines were produced to enhance the brand feel.

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