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Mags Gesta - Co-founder

We followed designdough for a long time before we even noticed the Brand Labs competition. When I came to the UK, I was looking for agencies I could work with and designdough was my dream, but I ended up going in a totally different direction. Entering Brand Labs was pure luck; we had a lunch break and were just flicking through Instagram and thought “shall we just give it a go?” – we didn’t think we’d even get to the first stage.

There’s been a lot more to the branding process than we thought. We’ve always done our own design work so to actually get it done professionally has been really great and the end results really show. The support has been great too – after every meeting, we left feeling really encouraged and passionate to keep pushing.

Our new brand will make a massive impact as its made us look so much more professional, especially the website and the logo. Our clients will see that we’ve really achieved something as we don’t look like a start-up anymore.


Back in the summer of 2017, we launched a competition called Brand Labs in order to support one start-up based within Wales on their path to business success with a beautifully designed and considered brand and website to help them present their amazing ideas with even more clout.

We didn’t do this for any grandiose, God-complex reason, but because we’ve been there and know that with a little encouragement or a push in the right direction, any business can be a success and thought it was time to give a little something back to the Welsh economy that we’ve grown from.

We were inundated with applications, and the calibre of the businesses that applied were second to none, yet one stood out for us as a real star; a business with character and true potential that just needed an extra push to take it from good to great – that business was called Odddot.


Odddot creates contemporary furniture and lighting for those that appreciate the smaller details; those with an eye for the offbeat and an appreciation of the one-off and individual. Utilising the natural aesthetic qualities of birch ply, owners Paul Adams and Mags Gesta aim to make the ordinary, extraordinary, and do this by analysing the minutiae, the commonplace that is so easily overlooked. They appreciate the small details and the subtleties so often unnoticed in design and in life and aim to highlight these through their work, and it was this that truly stood out for us.

As part of the winning package, we set up a brand workshop with Mags and Paul, where a thorough market analysis was mapped out, along with their goals for the future, likes, dislikes, personality points and ideas for the strategy moving forward. As a consensus, we decided to stick with the name Odddot as it defined a lot of the personality points of the brand, but knew that the existing logo needed updating to reflect the new strategy.


On the original logo, the three ’d’s looked uncomfortable next to one another making it difficult to read and was stylistically limiting. Through research and experimentation, we found that the word ‘dot’ worked well when condensed to a symbol rather than the word, allowing for a more iconic brand mark, and the letters were then further simplified into a series of simple shapes which could then be also be used as an accenting pattern, if needed.

In terms of colour palettes, the word ‘Odd’ is always represented in either a dark grey or white, but the dot has the flexibility to be displayed in a different, contrasting shade opening up the palette for use with new ranges or campaigns in a subtle way.


We focussed on highlighting Odddot’s superb craftsmanship and creativity within the brand strategy, amplifying that they think and see things differently, and they cherish how this influences their work and creativity. Every item is made with love, integrity and thought, and by design, their work is easy to understand, appreciate and live with. The strategy pushed forward Odddot’s aim to never isolate or appear exclusive, but instead to share their design-vision with as many like-minded and passionate people as possible. Anyone who is interested in the Odddot world and way of life is welcome.

The focus for the visual side of the Odddot rebrand came down to refining, simplifying and allowing more scope for growth and movement as the business grew. Providing flexibility within the brand was vital and this was also reflected within the guidelines and bespoke website built.



The new website works as both a portfolio and e-commerce site when the business needs it, with product photography and aspirational interior shots emphasised through a dark colour scheme and small pops of brand colour. From this platform, Odddot is able to bring together all of their social media channels (a big source of business) as well as showcasing their new collections, prototypes, industry insights and their attendance at upcoming events such as the Clerkenwell Craft Show and 100% Design. Having been built on WordPress, Odddot is able to build upon their website over time in order to cater to their needs and facilitate the ever-growing business.

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