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You’d also think that being a branding agency with 10 years experience that this would be as easy as falling off a log. However, any designer will tell you that it’s actually pretty tough. I think perhaps it’s something to do with taking the client out of the equation which makes us overly critical making it difficult to be decisive. That said, over the years our brand has changed dramatically to ensure we are up to date in terms of aesthetics and reflects us in terms of our attitude as a business, the people who work here and the kind of clients we work with.

As a company, we’ve changed massively over the years which has been fantastic. We’ve gone from Joe burning both ends of the candle in his converted attic room for a handful of local clients to building a fantastic team of like-minded creatives working on national contracts for some truly incredible clients from all over the UK. So, with this in mind, we recently decided that as part of out ten year anniversary we’d rebrand the company.

The process started small with us discussing our past in great detail, reflecting on our successes and the challenges we’ve overcome and where we ultimately saw the company going. A few coffees and a game of pool later we decided to be brave and overhaul the entire brand from logo to website, colour scheme to tone of voice. We needed a brand that would reflect our progression from a small young team to a well known, well respected and well-established brand agency.

Having conducted hundreds of brand workshops over the years, it was great to be on the business end of the questions as a whole team and map out a framework for the brand. This included researching everything from the kind of photography, colour swatches, textures and even furniture that inspired us and best represented our brand’s personality and how we wanted to be perceived by our clients.

What we’ve ended up with is the sum of everything we stand for – creativity and imagination led design which communicates clearly and diversely with our customers in order to solve problems and allow our clients to do the same. However, at the risk of sounding a bit ‘fluffy’, this is just the latest chapter of our brand’s journey. A brand should never be finished and we expect the brand to evolve further over the years to continue to represent our agency in the best light.