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We're shaking things up a little this Christmas...

We’re shaking things up a little this Christmas…


As the festive season rolls around, the air in the designdough studio is always filled with excitement, joy, and a whole lot of Secret Santa scheming…
But hold onto your Santa hats because this year, the team is shaking things up!


You know that age-old tradition of drawing names from a hat and surprising your colleagues with thoughtful (or sometimes questionable!) gifts? Well, we’ve traded in the presents and secrecy for something that warms our hearts even more – spreading love and joy to those who need it most. Instead of engaging in the usual Secret Santa shenanigans, our team of 10 have each chosen a charity near and dear to our hearts. This year, we’re giving the gift of hope, kindness, and positive change.


We’ve all chosen charities that resonate most with us. For lots of different reasons. From local community organisations to charities with personal meaning, this collection of good causes is a reflection of our diverse team, and what makes us tick. 

We are proud to be donating to: RNLI, Velindre, Dreams & Wishes, Morgan’s Army, CALM, 91 Ways, Macmillan, Oasis Centre, Young Minds & Llamau


So, why the switch? Well, we figured that while Secret Santa is a blast, there’s something incredibly special about coming together to make a collective impact. We’ve all had a year filled with ups, downs, and everything in between, and what better way to wrap it up than by giving back? It’s a chance for us to express our gratitude for the good things in our lives and share that positivity with those who might be facing tougher times. It’s about showing that even a small group of people can make a difference. 


So here’s to a Christmas filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of giving. Whether you’re swapping Secret Santa gifts or joining us in our charitable donations, we hope your Christmas is heartwarming and joyful.