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When was the last time you did some soul searching?

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that roughly translates as ‘a reason for being’ or ‘a reason to get up in the morning’.

It is believed that revisiting what makes us come alive gives us a refreshed sense of self and purpose, opening us up to fresh outlooks, new possibilities and a fulfilled and happy life. It also makes for a better brand, which is why we really love this.

Find or remind yourself of your individual purpose by discovering your ikigai using the diagram below.

How To Guide

Your ikigai lives at the centre of the diagram. This intersection is a combination of your passion, mission, vocation and profession. To discover these is the key to finding your reason for being, all you have to do is answer four primary questions – What do I love? What does the world need? What can I be paid for? What am I good at?

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Cheat sheet

What you love: What do you find fun and interesting? What excites and motivates you? If money wasn’t a problem, what would you be doing?

What the world needs: What problems would you like to solve? What issues do you connect with? What can you do for the people around you?

What you can be paid for: What is it you do to make money? What do you do for a living? Have you ever been paid for something outside of your usual job?

What you are good at: What are your natural talents and skills? What could you be the best at with some practice? What parts of your job are you good at?

It is said that finding your ikigai is the secret to leading a meaningful life.