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For those of you who haven’t heard and can’t stand the ‘web-waffle’, I’m going to try to explain what is changing and how it may effect your website.

As everyone is aware, the web is a constantly evolving entity which is continually added to and improved, meaning it is very important to keep your website up to date in order to ensure the website not only looks cracking, but is search engine friendly and functions properly on all devices. In recent years there has been a major surge in mobile and tablet usage when browsing the net, meaning that Google is now having to change it’s search algorithms to accommodate for the new user behaviour.

Put simply, Google is prioritising websites that are mobile and tablet friendly over others within its search results. This means that when you are searching Google on your mobile, the sites that show up first in the search results will be the sites that are easily viewable on your device without having to constantly zoom in and out to browse through the site. Good news right?

Not necessarily…

If your site was built over 2 years ago, (or even recently in some cases) chances are that it isn’t mobile friendly and will begin to fall down the google rankings from April 21st 2015.

Thankfully, the good eggs over at Google have built a ‘Mobile Friendly Tester’ where you can simply enter your web address and it will put your site through its paces and let you know how it stacks up. I’ve just checked ours and luckily it’s passed with flying colours – Pheww! Click here to check out how yours gets on.

What if my site fails the test?

If your site is in the doghouse with Google, don’t panic! Luckily there is a friendly, Cardiff Based design studio with just the skills you need to get your site back in Google’s good books. Give us a call if you’d like to find out more and we’ll let you know what your options are and how we can help.