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Brand Labs 2023 – The Winner Is…


Firstly, wow! Choosing a winner this year has been harder than ever. 

Brand Labs has always been our way of giving back, by helping that one Welsh business to bring their dream brand to life. It’s about recognising that start-ups are pressed for time, constrained by budget, lack marketing experience, or just need a sounding board. Then, using our superpowers to create the best launchpad for their success. 

Every year we’re blown away by the businesses who apply to Brand Labs. 2023 has been no different. There is so much emerging talent and innovation taking place all over Wales and we couldn’t be more inspired by these Welsh trailblazers. From the first to the last line on each application, we felt the pulse of passion and purpose that drives Welsh business; it leaves us energised, and proud of the startup landscape in Wales. 

And this is why it has been such a challenge to choose that one exceptional business. 

But… after many lively debates and discussions here in the studio, followed by some awesome presentations from our finalists we are thrilled to announce that our Brand Labs Winner 2023 is:



Hamish and Louis absolutely blew us away with their enthusiasm, creativity and drive. We’re super impressed by their dedication to championing small, independent businesses, and their brilliant blueprint for building strong, collaborative, local food communities that deliver the most epic and original events. These guys are all about doing things differently and have exciting, but more importantly sustainable growth plans. The team at PIKKLE are the perfect winners for this year’s Brand Labs. Learn more about them here:



Runners Up

This years finalists brought incredibly strong pitches to the table. Choosing a winner was certainly not easy. Our 3 runners up were all fantastic, and we genuinely wish them the very best of luck on the next steps in their journeys. Here’s an intro, in no particular order:



Imersifi is a Swansea-based innovative virtual reality software studio specialising in creating fully interactive VR experiences. They’re trailblazers in crafting immersive, cutting-edge solutions that engage and transform the way individuals learn and in teract in virtual worlds. Imersifi is a driving force behind the tech buzz in Wales, helping to build a thriving hub for immersive technology development, making their future plans all the more exciting!

Caplin Tec


We couldn’t help but be captivated by Caplin Tec’s ingenious use of sheep’s wool to create a wide range of award-winning, eco-friendly products. Applied to maintain, protect and restore both wood and metal based materials, these products can prolong lifespan and reduce environmental impact. Kevin’s passion for the environment and supporting the local economy is truly amazing, and we were all inspired by his dedication to innovation!



The cool startup, all about sustainable hemp solutions. Through research, founder Jamila recognised the potential to create new and innovative hemp seed products that harness the remarkable health and environmental advantages of hemp. Prohempotic uses green technology to create innovative hemp seed ingredients for use in plant-based food and beverages. We are totally on board with Jamila’s ethos that eco-friendly ingredients are the way to go for healthier, planet-loving eating!


And finally, we’d also like to say a massive thank you to every business who invested time and effort to apply to Brand Labs this year. The startup community in Wales is making a remarkable contribution to the business landscape. We will be watching your journeys, and championing your future success.