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“The Bad Wolf story began when Jane, Julie and DOCTOR WHO head writer Russell T Davies, re-imagined the iconic series and decided to base the production in Cardiff, where it remains to this day.  DOCTOR WHO was the spark that led to a drama renaissance in the Welsh television industry, that saw TORCHWOOD, THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, SHERLOCK, ATLANTIS, MERLIN and CASUALTY all shoot in the Welsh capital and build a creative community that continues to this day.”

We are Bad Wolf and We are Fearless

From South Wales to Los Angeles, Bad Wolf creates audacious, exciting and enthralling productions for the global television market. BadWolf founders, Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner – the former BBC executives responsible for championing the introduction of “Doctor Who” to Wales before going on to produce “Torchwood” and “Da Vinci’s Demons” – selected us to build them a fearless brand.


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Their mission spans both sides of the Atlantic but stems from the same premise; to mould Bad Wolf (the name, a nod to their Doctor Who roots) into a boutique production company that hand-selects and nurtures its creative projects. Recently partnered with HBO, Bad Wolf is now known as “HBO’s people in the U.K.” by fostering links between the UK production community and executives over the pond.

We created a brand culture that revolves around enforcing that the company’s global successes don’t define them; they are proud but never rest on their laurels. They constantly strive, push the boundaries and are confident in doing so and the emphasis for them is always on quality, not quantity.

Taking Welsh-made drama to international audiences, and therefore putting Wales on the map is tantamount to success.

Our relationship with Bad Wolf is ongoing, with several exciting projects in the pipeline as we work with them to further implement their brand strategy through collateral and signage for their new studio space. Completion of the brand identity has led to a logotype and mark which is instantly recognisable to the company. The BadWolf logo is interchangeable and is made up of 2 separate elements; the wolf and the Badwolf custom logotype. These 2 elements were created to be strong enough to work on their own or together as a set.

The brand aesthetic emphasises a feral ruggedness, combining a monochromatic colour palette to boost the ‘film noir’ feel with raw, natural, scratchy textures including fur and wood grain.

Work continues on refining the animation for BadWolf’s production vanity card, using the wolf (fondly known as ‘Idris’) to exemplify the company’s brand personality; courageous, creative, ferocious and audacious, yet down-to-earth.

Since the launch of the brand, Badwolf has opened Wolf Studios Wales (or Stiwdio Blaidd Cymru) within the heart of Cardiff. The facility includes 125,000ft2 of stage space and offers flexible office space and auxiliary rooms as well as costume and prop storage. The most recent Bad Wolf production to be filmed there is ‘A Discovery of Witches’, made exclusively for Sky One and NOW TV and featuring stars Matthew Goode (‘Downtown Abbey’, ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘Watchmen’) and Teresa Palmer (‘Lights Out’, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’, and ‘Warm Bodies’).

The best selling Phillip Pullman book, ‘His Dark Materials’ is currently in production at Wolf Studio Wales and is set to air on the BBC during late 2018 or early 2019.

“Badwolf will become a part of television culture and history. We will rewrite our industry’s rule-book and will open up the doors to talented, vibrant and passionate newcomers.“ 

The Bad Wolf website was designed and built to act as a brand ambassador and showcase for the company, highlighting industry news and new projects with an emphasis on eye-catching visuals and large banner images. It was of vital importance that the brand aesthetic shone through in order to totally immerse visitors in ‘the world of Bad Wolf’ and inspired a collective creative yet dark vision.

The back end of the site was kept clean and easy to navigate and update, allowing Bad Wolf staff, no matter where there are in the world, to be able to share and add current information. Utilising WordPress’ flexible content to provide consistency and easy linking of pages around the site also allows for growth and expansion in the future, allowing Bad Wolf to grow into the highly successful and internationally recognised production company it is sure to become.

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