Graphic Design

Graphic Design has been an interesting practise for many hundreds of years…

Yet if you stopped the average person in the street and asked them ‘why is design important?’ – they wouldn’t be able to answer you. See, good design, successful design, by its very nature, is created to go unnoticed; to blend in, but subtly enhance; to suggest, but not shout.

The role of graphic design is to communicate to you subtly through the combination of words and visual clues that have been planted within a piece of marketing or collateral in order to give you a certain impression. You may not think it but you have a natural affinity with design; you rely on it to aid your decision-making. Humans are biologically programmed to look for sense, meaning and pattern in everything we visually take in, and it’s being able to manipulate this that ensures skilful and effective graphic design.


Multi-Page Print

Reports, magazines, catalogues, books, instruction manuals, and brochures…

We’ve got a huge amount of experience with multi-page document design from annual reports to brochures and magazines. We relish the opportunity to thoughtfully lay out any sizeable amount of information in a way that’s easy to read and understand but is also beautiful and thought-provoking to look at.

Not only do we consult and handle the design-side, we’re also a dab-hand at print management; ensuring that print gets where it needs to be on-time, on-budget and speaking volumes for its brand.

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Marketing Collateral

You’ve got your brand style sussed, but now your message needs to make an impact.

We work with clients to not only revolutionise the design of their marketing and sales materials, but also provide insights on their marketing strategies and why this collateral is valuable, whether produced in print or online.

Marketing collateral can take on many forms including printed options such as posters and leaflets to t-shirts or email campaigns. Whatever the application, we ensure that your brand comes first and articulates your message in a way that your customers will not only understand but will want to get engaged with.

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RÁS Cardiff

Interiors & Exhibition

Brand can and should extend further than simple collateral and marketing materials.

We show our clients that their brand, at it’s most powerful, can transform interior and exterior spaces for the better; boost employee wellbeing and encourage brand-buy-in. Tradeshows and industry exhibitions can be overwhelming to say the least, but when done correctly, are an incredibly powerful tool for marketing a business.

Our experience in design plus our contacts with highly skilled signage and exhibition stand fabricators ensures our clients stand out from the crowd.

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In retail, first impressions are key, no matter what you’re selling.

Creating ‘shelf appeal’ as well as packaging that is intuitive for the customer to unwrap is a key part of our process. We work with the best cardboard engineers, and packaging and label fabricators to ensure that whatever you wrap your product in catches the eye and helps to bring your brand to life.

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Signage & Wayfinding

Signage, when done well, can be the cherry on top of the branding cake.

Signage can easily be overlooked and left to a signage company to design. It’s worth investing in quality exterior signage, wayfinding, indoor murals or vehicle wraps as this is often the public’s first impression of what you’re offering, so it’s vital that it cultivates a positive response.

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