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It seems like our last website barely had time to settle before we were thinking of new concepts and designing a new way to present ourselves, yet here we are. So why the hell are we launching another new one?

Because we can

If you had a badass group of designers and web developers under your roof, wouldn’t you be utilising them to get the most from your business? Exactly! Our collective skills give us the freedom to make decisions quickly and move forward in a really agile way, and we’d be crazy not to use our years of experience on our own marketing. We don’t just wait for work to come in; we constantly graft in order to get our message out there and encourage our clients to do the same.

We’re constantly evolving

I know, I know! We bang on about this all the time, but constant evolution in brand and business is so integral to success. We’re constantly thinking of ways to better ourselves and our processes, so it’s only right that the visual follows suit too. Business and design trends come and go, and although it’s important to be mindful that you’re not following every fad around, some trends last long enough to eventually become ‘industry standard’ so it’s vital to keep your finger on the pulse so you’re never left behind.

A visual reminder

We’re ambitious and are constantly striving for more, and in the same way that people write to-do lists of what they want to achieve and pin them on the wall as a constant reminder, we like to reflect our ambition and where we are AND want to go with our web presence. This way, our website acts as a constant reminder to us to keep pushing the boundaries and keep challenging ourselves.

Our industry moves fast

There is something new that comes up in design and web development everyday and sometimes it’s overwhelming trying to keep up with ‘every new thing’, but what we try to do is cherry pick what we like, and what we feel will work for us, and stick with that. We don’t believe in extraneous bells and whistles if they don’t serve a purpose, and so even if something really, really impresses us, if it doesn’t fit with our brand then its out.

Bigger team, new ways of thinking

Whenever we bring someone new into the team, it inevitably alters the dynamic of the studio as people get used to our culture and way of working. We’ve said before that we’re quite precious about our culture, and work hard to protect it, but we always leave room for new team members to make an impact, and our new website is a reflection of how we’ve taken on new viewpoints, personalities and priorities.

We’re never quite happy

Some call it a curse, we call it a blessing; as creatives, dealing with always seeing ways in which you can improve something can get tiring and may mean that you’re left never getting anything finished. Over the years, we’ve trained ourselves to get as near as dammit to our original vision and feel okay with leaving space for organic expansion and growth.

It’s the perfect way to test our processes

There’s no better way to improve on the way you’re working than to test, test and test again. By doing this, we experience what our clients experience and so are able to analyse what’s working and what needs a polish up.


We’re not saying that everyone should overhaul their website every year, but you definitely should be staying up-to-date with new web technologies and how they can help deliver your brand’s messaging more effectively. So if you’ve been thinking that your website could do with a spruce up but haven’t got the foggiest idea of where to begin, then make sure you give us a ring or pop by the studio – we’re committed to breaking down jargon and helping to make the web a less intimidating place to be.