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Aberystwyth University

Brand Refresh for The Times' Welsh University of the Year 2020.

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  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Audiences Analysis
  • Motion Design
  • Brand Collateral
  • Brand Training

Aberystwyth University — known far and wide for its great reputation in education, vibrant town, friendly atmosphere and beautiful beach.


Take a look at some of the graphic and brand consolidation work we’ve had the absolute pleasure of working on to help the university promote itself as the authority and institution it truly is.

Graphic showing a color sample named
A person seated on a stool, partially visible wearing a white shirt and yellow pants, holds a navy and gold Aberystwyth University tote bag designed by a Brand Agency UK.
Modern university building with students walking in front, featuring large angular concrete structures and expansive glass panels under a clear blue sky, embodying the essence of a design agency in Bristol.
A stack of black and green scientific journals titled
A spacious indoor hall with large vertical windows, filled with people mingling and conversing. Some visitors are standing, others seated at long tables amidst green plants, discussing brand design with sunlight streaming in.
Two students are studying outdoors on a sunny day, sitting on a red plaid blanket in a grassy area with modern buildings in the background, designed by a renowned design agency in Bristol. They are
Alt Text


A billboard on a building featuring an illustration of a person sitting and reading a message on a phone. The text, inquiring about well-being concerns in Welsh and English, includes a QR code, hotline
Six illustrations of diverse individuals in various poses of sadness or contemplation, including sitting on the floor, with books, and on a chair, created by a Design Agency Bristol.
Alt Text
Alt Text
Bus stop advertisement featuring a woman exercising in a gym, promoting health investment, with informational text and brand design logos.
Modern one-story building with large wood-paneled walls and multiple windows, surrounded by trees, features a title