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03.12.2020 | 6 MINS Brand

Brand Archetypes – How to build long-lasting connections with your customers

Why do we connect with certain brands better than others? Why are there certain brands that, no matter what they sell, produce or drop, we’re right there waiting with bated breath to see what they do next?

06.8.2020 | 4 MINS Brand

Brand Strategy Consolidation: Why your Brand Needs a Backbone

Once upon a time, a ‘good-enough’ logo and a business card would have been enough to get you through the door. Not anymore…

25.3.2019 | 2 MINS Brand

Early Years Wales: A new face for a refreshed vision

It was time to start the design process and put forward a recognisable, progressive and contemporary visual identity that still honoured the organisations rich background and heritage.

17.1.2018 | 2 MINS Brand

We visited: The Studio

After wheezing our way through 2017, we decided that 2018 should be our year to get out of our comfort zones (and comfortable waist-bands) and try something brand new.

04.12.2017 | 4 MINS Brand Insights

How to: Manage the launch of a new brand

So you’ve worked your bum off collaborating with your chosen design agency to ensure that your brand is all singing, all dancing and truly represents your mission and vision.

14.12.2016 | 3 MINS Brand Team

Make Your Own Pallet Christmas Tree #builditbrandit

You may or may not remember this hideously tacky Christmas film we made last year…