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Seriously though, you can’t blame us, we’ve had a whole lot to celebrate this past month including our James’ wedding in beautiful Brecon (we TORE UP that dance floor!) and one of our most successful years to date with a team that feels more like family than work colleagues. Can’t complain!

As is traditional in January, we thought we’d start the year off with some well-intentioned resolutions to lead us into the new year.

In 2018, we mostly want to:

  • accept our weaknesses and realise that we HAVE EFFECTIVELY turned one desk in our studio into a treat/snack table
  • champion our amazing clients more whilst celebrating their successes and helping them through the tougher times (we love you!)
  • be inspired by something, ANYTHING! A shape, colour, a person, a concept WHATEVER!? It may help solve a problem.
  • challenge ourselves creatively (anyone for fusing overtones of brutalism with Kawaii funk-house!?)
  • support our Cardiff locale and businesses – proud fo’ lyfe!
  • wander outside our comfort zones more (wait…where are we again?)
  • continue investing in our team (and by ‘investing’ we mean ‘trips to the pub after work’)
  • find the positive in anything (even lack of biscuits)
  • be bitcoin millionaires by June
  • enjoy coffee responsibly (enjoying drinking coffee. drink more coffee. drink more coffee than humanly possible. see how much coffee you can drink in a day and then drink some more. I like coffee. do you like coffee? I’m drinking coffee now…)
  • embrace our differences (even if that means letting Alice listen to the Moana soundtrack in work time)
  • keep a clean and tidy studio (don’t put it down, put it away!)
  • experiment with different hot beverages (what. is. matcha!?)
  • honour ‘Snaffle o’clock’ daily (FYI, it hits at exactly 11 am, every day)
  • invest in coin collecting. The first rule of coin-club is you must talk about coin-club ALL THE TIME.
  • bring as many ideas to life as possible (even if that idea involves eating your body weight in hobnobs)
  • sneak terms such as ‘pastiche’, ‘raison detre’ and ‘bon vivant’ into our copywriting…
  • meticulously spell-check our documents – speeling is so impotent!
  • kinetically hit the ground running and adopt blue sky thinking whilst staying outside of the box and living with synergy

and finally:

  • use less business jargon…

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone that supported, followed, liked and communicated with us in 2017!