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‘If it were your last meal on Earth…what would you have?’

From French Martinis and 22″ Man v Food hotdogs to a simple cup of tea, here’s what our team had to say…(it might be a good time to loosen your belt)

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


I’m gonna go all sentimental here. I wouldn’t call myself Nigel Slater, but I do think our favourite foods have stories behind them. Without further ado, here’s mine…

Starter: Garlic, Cheese & Herb stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

After a particularly traumatic night as an 8 year-old, I ended up gate-crashing my Mum & my-now-Stepdad’s date by accident. Oops! I didn’t know him all that well at this point, but these lovely mushrooms have stayed in my memory ever since. I had no shame in tucking right into their dinner…not knowing that I’d ruined quite a romantic evening. Oh well, the mushrooms were definitely worth it. 13 years on, and I still ask him to make them. Cheers Julian!

Main: Sausages, Lentils, Cabbage & Rice

Reading this back it all sounds a bit disjointed. But this is the creation of my amazing Burmese Grandma. Apparently it’s the only thing I’d ever eat when I was little…and she still makes it for me when I visit her to this day! She somehow manages to make the best boiled rice in the world…even though it’s just…rice? The meatiness of the sausage cuts through the curried lentils, accentuated by the crunchy cabbage. I’ll stop before I turn into Nigella. Just trust me – it’s good.

Dessert & Drink: Milk Chocolate & a Cuppa

It’s the simple things…I have small fuzzy memories of my Mum telling me that a piece of chocolate and tea fixes everything. Whenever I’d have a tantrum or my sensitive soul would get knocked, I remember she would be there with a square of chocolate and a nice warm cup of tea. As I get older, although my tantrums have reduced considerably, I do have to admit that a piece of chocolate and one of mum’s cuppas really does take the edge off of things.

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