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Some would say that SEO no longer works; that too many people try to jam-pack their sites hoping to get picked up by the ‘magical search elves’. The simplest marketing techniques are still the best.

I want to clarify that there are definitely things that you need to stop doing, but more importantly, steps that you should be taking to ensure that you’re not damaging your own SEO.

If you think about it, Google is not the be all and end all of search engines (it’s SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, not GO – Google Optimisation). There are so many sites out there typically not thought of as search engines: YouTube, Pinterest, Amazon and Twitter to name a few. For example if you are looking for a specific video you would go straight to Youtube or Vimeo. A certain electrical product, you’re likely to go to Amazon (to filter out the rubbish found on Google).

It is just as important to keep on top of your presence across the web, and also, make the most of whats suited to your business.

Pinterest is a great example when it comes to buying online. You can create inspiration boards whether for Christmas gifts, decorating your living room or fancy dress for Halloween and then can easily find the links to those products’ websites and you’re soon on the way to the checkout.

To bring it back to basics, the most effective approach is positioning and targeting. Who knew hey!? Work out who buys your products, who looks for your services. Find out where they look and how they narrow down their choices. Pick wisely, do some research and try not to spread yourself thinly over the web.

Don’t dabble with loads of different SEO techniques as, if you fail to keep them updated, you can end up doing more damage to your site than good.