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We were primed and ready for what we knew was going to be such an exciting day for us; the Brand Labs finalists interview day. A day we’d been building up to ever since we launched the competition back in August. We couldn’t wait to get started.

If you’ve been following our Brand Labs 2022 journey so far, you’ll know how stiff the competition was this  year. From over 150 applications, we had the extremely difficult job of shortlisting our top four. As a team, we chose the following incredible startups:

Barry Island Spirits Co
Toybox Project
Bluecube Marine

And after meeting them all, we knew we’d made the right decisions. All four interviews were filled with positivity, immense passion and enthusiasm. It was a joy to spend the day with such innovative and inspiring business owners. 

But there can only be one winner….. And our winner is Bluecube Marine Ltd.

Let’s get to know them

So who are Bluecube Marine Ltd? This company aims to combat the critical damage caused by climate change. They specialise in retrofitting biodiversity enhancing features to man-made coastal structures, encouraging oceanic life to repopulate areas of the UK coastline. As we mentioned in our previous blog, climate change affects the oceans just as much as land based life, and we were shocked to know that up to 70% of sea defences are likely to be vulnerable as climate change continues. What the team at Bluecube Marine is doing is incredible, vital and inspirational work to save our planet.

Why is Bluecube Marine Ltd our winner?

Ultimately, founders Dr. Ruth Callaway, an Ecologist, and Charles Phelines, a concrete manufacturer, blew us away with their thirst for change. Their commitment to the environment and their ardent pledge to education and community engagement — their give back — made them our winner. We are fully onboard with their mission of bringing ecology and biodiversity awareness to every community in the UK. As Ruth told us, “every community [should] have an eco-engineering project that they can engage with”. 

Stay tuned

Brand Labs, to us, is about making a difference. And Bluecube’s artificial marine environments will make a difference. A difference to the oceans. Coastlines. Children. Communities. The list is endless. We are bursting with excitement to get this relationship started and help them present themselves in an impactful, and authentic way that translates the seriousness (and brilliance!) of their work. Stay tuned for updates on the amazing collaboration we’re about to embark on together.