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21.6.2023 | 4 MINS Insights Brand

Branded House vs. House of Brands

Branded House and House of Brands are two different brand architecture strategies that companies use to organise their brand portfolios.

| 3 MINS Insights Brand

What do we mean by Brand?

If we can define what a brand is, we can begin to understand why some are so successful over others.

08.7.2022 | 4 MINS Insights Brand Graphic Team Web

6 Top Tips for Applying for our new Graphic Design Internship

Have you seen that we’re advertising for our new Graphic Design Summer Intern? We’ve put together our 6 Top Tips for applying.

27.6.2022 | 3 MINS Insights Team

We’re Hiring: Graphic Design Summer Intern

We’re Hiring! Could you be our Graphic Design Summer Intern?

14.6.2022 | 5 MINS Insights Team

The Importance of Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement starts from the very beginning of any project. So, how does designdough work with Stakeholders?

07.6.2022 | 6 MINS Insights Brand Web

Carers Week 2022: Our Journey with The Care Collective

Our rebranding journey with The Care Collective, as they join other national charities to raise much-needed awareness for Carers Week 2022.

19.5.2022 | 3 MINS Insights

5 Reasons Why We Love Slack

We’ve tried lots of communication platforms in our time, but Slack well and truly won our hearts a few years ago. And here’s why…

30.3.2022 | 3 MINS Insights Packaging

It’s All Eco: How to Make Your Packaging Sustainable

Sustainable packaging is nothing new, but businesses are only just starting to realise the benefit. Take a read of our sustainable packaging top tips…

03.3.2022 | < 1 MIN Brand Insights

NASA’s Logo: The Meatball vs. The Worm

This is designdough’s investigation into the iconic NASA logo. The Meatball and The Worm took the world by storm in their own ways, but which one is your favourite?

21.1.2022 | 3 MINS Insights Brand

The Power of Brand: Patagonia

The brand that re-invented what it means to be outdoors. Read our analysis of Patagonia’s brand values and how they sparked an environmental clothing revolution.