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05.8.2022 | < 1 MIN Brand Brand Labs Web

Discover Cymru

As the Brand Labs 2021 Winner, Discover Cymru has been on a journey of discovery and together we have created a brand which captivates Wales’ hidden corners and creatives. From travel to photography, food to adventure, craft to indy business.  Discover Cymru seek out, collect, and publish the best possible content. The platform is a visual chronicle of Welsh culture and history. 

29.7.2022 | < 1 MIN Brand Graphic Web


As creative and progressive storytellers, Avanti Media felt it was falling short. They came to designdough to help reconnect their brand and purpose. Their return to a fully independent business was the perfect moment to redefine their brand, and make a bold and ambitious statement about their future.

05.7.2022 | < 1 MIN Brand Graphic

Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Club

Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs wished to start 2022 with a fresh new look – a refreshed brand that would support the organisation in the creation of a new website. Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs needed something that represented exactly what they do as an organisation. And at the heart of our designs is truthfully communicating just that: a Wales where children play, and communities prosper.

21.6.2022 | < 1 MIN Brand Graphic Web


The project focus was to create a professional and enticing brand image which clearly communicated what they wanted to achieve for the users of their platform. The existing brand was outdated and did not sit correctly with their new advanced service. Handshakr had to be brought into 2022 – challenge accepted!

08.6.2022 | < 1 MIN Brand Graphic Web

The Care Collective

The Care Collective came to us as Carers Trust South East Wales – affiliated with the UK network charity, Carers Trust. As the largest organisation supporting unpaid carers in Wales, their aim is that unpaid carers are looking after themselves, enjoying their life, and achieving their goals, just like they deserve to be, whilst helping a family member or friend to receive empowering care or support.

31.5.2022 | < 1 MIN Brand Graphic Web


Grasshopper is a communications agency with a creative edge and commitment to engaging communities. With offices in Cardiff and Sussex, they aim to deliver positive change to the world around them. Helping organisations to connect with people and to partner with their communities to transform where they work and live, their aim is to work with communities to deliver better projects and lasting social value.

12.1.2022 | < 1 MIN Brand Campaign Graphic Web


At the beginning of 2021, designdough worked with Astutis on a campaign concept and design direction for their 10th birthday celebration. The campaign has now inspired the Astutis rebrand, using their 10th year as a turning point for their company and launching it into the digital world. As industry leaders in workplace health, safety and environmental training, it was essential to create a rebrand that embodies Astutis’ innovative and collaborative business perspective.

10.3.2022 | < 1 MIN Brand Web

Classic Group

The Classic Group have over 25 years’ experience in the construction and fit-out industry. You’ve probably seen some of their work around Cardiff’s city centre; they work with some of the world’s largest and most successful construction companies. The Classic Group delivers outstanding service through their innate passion for turning space into an experience for their clients.

05.11.2021 | < 1 MIN Graphic Brand Brand Labs Web

Consumer Insights Lab

Introducing our Brand Labs 2020 winner, Consumer Insights Lab. Consumer Insights Lab provide companies with an in-depth understanding of their customers’ perceptions and decision-making process when it comes to their product packaging. Their new take on technology and dynamic approach makes them a force to be reckoned with.

| < 1 MIN Brand Brand Labs Graphic Web


Kaktus is a lifestyle brand for the restless, the adventurous and those with an insatiable appetite to search out new horizons. Pairing their love for vehicles with their passion for interior design, Kaktus transforms vans into bespoke campers.